Smart But Scattered, Executive Function Help for Inattentive ADD

Executive Function Help for Inattentive ADD
I just finished reading the book Smart But Scattered and I wanted to tell you about it. This book is essentially a 'how to' book on the development of Executive Function skills in people with Inattentive ADHD and other subtypes of ADHD. The first part of the book explains the function and necessity of Executive Functions and the second part of the book gives you concrete exercises and strategies to improve the Executive Functioning of children and adults with ADHD.

This book is amazingly easy to read, to absorb and to apply which is what makes it a must have for any household suffering from the chaos and inefficiencies of the symptoms of ADHD Predominantly Inattentive.
Many of the suggestions in this book have been covered before in this blog but I always feel it is important to remind us all of what it takes to stay on task so that we can complete them.

I have linked to some of the older blog posts that specifically address the Executive Function difficulties that this book covers. The difficulties addressed in this fantastic book include:

Smart But Scattered may be at your library. That is where I found my copy but I have since ordered a copy from Amazon so that I can have it at home. Order the book or get it at the library. It is worth the read. After you read it, let me know what you think of it. Keep in touch!

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