ADHD Inattentive eBook, 10 tips to help ADHD Inattentive Students Succeed

Jane said, "Tess, thanks for this book. My 13 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD Inattentive type 2 years ago, your website and this book have easy to understand instructions. We have started some of the suggestions from your ebook and they have helped us tremendously."

Cris for North Carolina wrote, "Thanks for making this affordable for everyone, my high school daughter and I have found the topics in your Ten Tips eBook very helpful to us."

Andrew from Seattle wrote, "This easy-to-read ebook simplifies the topics of Inattentive ADHD and makes it easy to understand and use but still provides enough information to be informative and educational. An exceptional value and a valuable tool too!

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Primarily Inattentive ADD now has published its very first eBook.  It is called Ten Tips to Help ADHD Inattentive Students Succeed.  It is, obviously, about ADHD Inattentive and school success.  I had a survey on the blog for a long time asking folks what they would like me to write about.  Many parents wrote that they wanted information about school success so I decided to write an eBook on the topic.

Much of what is in the Ten Tips to Help ADHD Inattentive Students Succeed eBook can be found on this blog but you would have to wade through 320 posts to get to it so I thought that many of you would prefer to have the information at your fingertips.

The link to buy the book is in the left side bar or can be accessed by clicking on the eBook title links in this post.  As always, I thank you for your questions and your support!

Table of Contents   2
School ADHD Management Principles: 5

Parent Teacher Communication, Why it Matters 6
The Child with ADD and School Communication 6
The Importance of Movement and Outdoor Play 9
Exercise and Inattentive ADHD 9
Inattentive ADHD and Green Space Treatment 10
Exercise, Inattentive ADHD Treatment 11
They Would be Doing Better if They Could 13
With ADHD You Have to See With Your Heart 13
Teaching inattentive ADHD skills in Baby Steps 14
Caring Teachers Matter. All Learning is Emotional. 15
All Education is Personal for Kids with ADHD-PI 15
The Perfect School for Kids with Inattentive ADHD 16
ADD School Problems 17
Inattentive ADD Classroom ‘Focus’ 18
Tips for Inattentive ADHD Kids in the Classroom 19
Making School Relevant 20
The ADD child and School Relevance 20
Inattentive or Distracted?? 22
Classroom Organization 24
Universal Interventions for the Inattentive ADHD Classroom 24
Student Organizational System for Inattentive ADD 25
The Science of Inattentive ADHD  Disorganization 28
Praise/Motivation/Rewards and Timers 30
Motivation Coaching, An Inattentive ADHD Treatment Option 30
Time Management Tools: Inattentive ADHD and Timers 31
One of many Examples of Faulty Student Time Management 32
The Importance of School Parent Involvement 34
School, Separation Anxiety, and the child with ADD and ADHD-PI 35
The Best Schools Help Children Develop Social Skills 37
Predominantly Inattentive ADHD and Social Difficulties 37
Teaching Social Skill for People with ADHD 38



  1. Just reading through what is posted here, I can already tell that your book will be a big help to me and many parents! It's good to see a behavioral approach to this condition, when so many of us don't want our kids to grow up on drugs!

  2. I think that with such a high incidence of ADD in children these days, this book should be required reading for all teachers. Great job!

  3. That's a great idea Lauren! I know that I am definitely going to buy this book and give it to my children's teachers. Hopefully it will not only help my child, but the other children in the school system with similar disorders.

  4. I think that this book is definitely worth a try before taking the drastic step of moving toward medication. We owe it to our child to try this.

  5. Thanks for writing in and for liking the eBook!.

  6. Just finished this book. I bought it for my 12 year old son. We have started putting the steps in place for a better school year. Thanks for making this book so affordable. I really appreciated that!

  7. Some mother and father experience ruined when they find out that their kids experience from ADHD. This is quite typical but having to cope with ADHD must include comprehension it and comprehension techniques of dealing with and handling it.

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  9. Bought this book last week. It's really wonderful to read something about ADD that is full of positivity, love, and care for the often smart, tender souls behind this 'disorder'. I wish such a concept existed when I was young, but at least this may help my own child to grow up without the constant chorus of 'snap out of it', 'get with the program', 'you're not even trying', and so on.. that more or less derailed me by adolescence (and still struggling). I thank you very much for sharing this positive, practical approach!


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