Russell Barkley

Russell Barkley, Ph.D. is one of the ADHD researchers that believes that the primarily inattentive type of ADHD is a different disorder from the Hyperactive type of ADHD. In this youtube video he discusses recent advances in understanding of ADHD and how ADHD is subtyped. As if we did not have enough terms for the primarily inattentive type, he refers to the inattentive type as ADHD (IT).

Dr. Barkley's lectures are always interesting. If you have never heard him speak, this lecture is worth watching. It is long but filled with great information.

My entire family is here visiting for Thanksgiving. I am planning to cook some old favorites as well as developing some new recipes. One of the great factors of the primarily inattentive brain is that the inattention is external. Internally I am always thinking of many things at once. Relating to a crowd of relatives while conjuring up recipes is something that I am really looking forward to.

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  1. Hi Tessermom:
    Thank you for this blog. I just spent the whole hour watching Dr Barkley's lecture.( I was a bio major, also work in healthcare and formerly in biotech/pharma) I am just learning more about ADD-PI... because of problems that my teen daughter is having now at school. I never considered ADHD because she isn't hyper and is actually very socially connected. I will have her evaluated soon to determine officially if this is what she hsa. But the inattention aspects are very compelling. I appreciate the info on supplements and food as well because that is of very high interest for me as well. Good Luck and Thanks again.... J's mom.


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