Omega-3 for ADHD

I have been giving my son Krill oil capsules and they seem to improve his focus tremendously. I was using the regular Omega-3 fish capsule , 1200mg, for both of us but we switched to the Krill and I believe these are more effective with regards to improving attentiveness. It seems that the Krill Oil capsules are somehow more bioavailable in the brain because of their unique phopholipid composition.

There have been only a limited number of studies published on the fatty acids and ADHD. I do not know of any study that has looked specifically at Krill oil and ADHD but it seems from some of the preliminary findings that the Omega- 3 fatty acids may be especially useful for those of us with primarily inattentive ADHD. I know that research studies are currently under way to study the effects of these fatty acids on mood and attentiveness and it is exiting to know that folks are looking into these alternatives!!



  1. Please check out this forum:

  2. It's about using krill oil and PS against ADD.

  3. Coconut oil may be another oil to look into, as well as Micro-algae.

    One thing about krill oil is that it shouldn't be used if you take NSAIDs or aspirin, as it seems to be a blood-thinner. (I'm not an expert-just read about this potential problem now--but krill oil is definitely something I want to investigate further).

    Great ideas here!

  4. Under "Krill Oil" Wikipedia states:
    "The harvesting of antarctic krill is relatively new. At present, no limits have been placed on the amount of Krill that can be harvested. This has caused a number of Marine biologists to express concern over the lack of research into the effect that such exploitation of Krill may have, not just to the long term survival of several species of baleen whales and the Adelie Penguin; but also in terms of other animals further up the food chain. In this regard, Antarctic Krill is fundamental to the survival of almost every species of animal that lives in the Antarctic or sub-Antarctic waters and island groups .[5]"

    ...therefore I can't bring myself to buy it. I am looking into Coconut Oil and Micro-algae instead. --Hoping this combo will be as effective and have less of an environmental impact.
    Love your Blog!!!
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