How To Get Omega 3s Into a Finicky Kid

There are many studies out now that site the many, many benefits of the Omega 3 fatty acids. I have been giving my kids some form of Omega 3 fatty acids since they were young. My older son will take pills. The Krill Oil capsules are a no brainer for him but my younger son will not swallow pills.

I have found this pudding like, orange flavored, Omega 3 that comes in a squeeze pouch that he will take without a problem. There is a company from Norway that makes a product like this but I get mine for pretty cheap (20 dollars for 90 pouches) from Amazon. The company name is Coromega. The other flavors did not go over as well but the orange is kind of yummy ( well at least he thinks so).

The health food store sells the Nordic stuff and I have purchase that product if I have not thought ahead to order from Amazon and have run out but it is almost twice as expensive and the flavor is not quite as good.

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