Inattentive ADHD Summer Camps

Inattentive ADHD Summer Camps

There are many camps in the US that will allow children with ADHD to attend yet there are very few ADHD summer camps that specifically cater to kids with ADHD. The goal is to find an ADHD summer camp that is equipped with programs that help the kids with ADHD Inattentive and address their specific issues as I mentioned in my previous post about ADHD summer camps that address the special needs of kids with Inattentive ADD.

Summer camp can be an unforgettable experience for many kids.  My mother saved pennies for years to send my sister to summer camp and I lived the camp experience vicariously through her.  I never wanted to go to camp, I was socially a mess and I never wanted to leave home.  My sister has extremely fond memories of her camp experiences though she has long forgotten all the camp songs and rituals.  Amazingly, I still remember the lines of every cabin song and every game song because my sister taught them to me when she got home.   I remember being 12 years old and dreaming of being brave enough to go off to camp one day.

A camp run by people who understood my challenges might have given me the courage that I needed to go to camp.  A great ADHD Inattentive camp allows the children to be themselves and to have fun. Children with ADHD need programs concentrating on social skills, effective communication, emotional support and control.
The following are some of the camps I found that specifically cater to the needs of children with ADHD.

  • NYU Summer Program for kids/ The Hallen School- this school is in New Rochelle, New York. It’s a 7 week all day therapeutic program to help children aged 7 – 11 with ADHD. There are many programs set up to assist the children. The staff to camper ratio is 1 to 1.5. 
  • Wediko Summer Program- this school is in Windsor, New Hampshire. It is a therapeutic and an academic summer program designed to help children with ADHD. They provide a variety of activities geared at dealing with the issues of a child with ADHD. There is also therapy provided and it is all done in a learning and fun environment. 
  • Soar- is a camp located in Balsam North Carolina. They serve youth with ADHD. The staff uses many different activities and incorporates problem solving techniques with them. Their goal is to work on the issues related to ADHD and other attention disorders while at the same time ensure the kids are having fun. 

There are a few camps that are not specifically tailored for kids with ADHD Inattentive or the other subtypes of ADHD but that may be perfect for inattentive ADD kids because of their structure. Once camp, such as this, was brought to my attention by one of the readers of this webpage. The name of the camp is Camp Weloki. It is located in Missouri and offers kids and environment with a counselor to camper ration of 3-4 to one. This amount of supervision and attention is ideally suited to kids with ADD inattentive and I could see any ADHD PI child thriving at Camp Weloki.

There are many camps for kids with ADHD yet very few actual ADHD summer camp. It’s important for all involved that the child with ADHD attends an ADHD camp that is focused on their specific needs. This will make the camp a positive learning experience as well as enjoyable for a child with ADHD Inattentive.

Summer camp can be not only educational and enjoyable; it can also be a good respite for the entire family. The kids have an experience that is unique and interesting and the parents gain comfort from knowing that their child will be acquiring skills that are needed and at the same time having a wonderful summer camp experience.

Inattentive ADHD (ADHD-PI) summer camps are not easy to find but there are some choices of ADHD summer camps available that both parents and kids might feel good about.


  1. I'm so glad to see that there is a summer camp close to me! I loved summer camp, and I would like to see my son get the same great experience.

  2. Please feel free to check out Camp Sequoia. We are an overnight summer camp located outside of Philadelphia for children ages 8-17 who need help with social skills.


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