ADHD Inattentive Treatment with Stimulants and Cardiac Deaths

There is no increased risk of cardiac deaths in children taking ADHD stimulants for Inattentive ADHD or any of the other subtypes of ADHD.  This is the conclusion of the authors of a study that has just been published in the most recent Journal of Pediatrics.

The study researchers looked at insurance data over a seven month period for kids between the ages of three and seventeen who were being treated with ADHD stimulants.  They looked at the insurance reports of 240,000 children on stimulants and compared these results with the results of 965,000 children who were not treated with stimulants but that were otherwise similar to the children who were treated.

The study found no increased risk of cardiac death and lower risks of deaths from any cause in the ADHD group when compared to the control group.  The researchers stated that "For kids who would benefit from ADHD medications, the potential cardiovascular risk should not dissuade physicians from prescribing" stimulant drugs.

Stimulants are Safe as ADHD Inattentive Treatment

The authors of this study came to the same conclusion as did the authors of a number of other studies that have shown that stimulant use for the treatment of ADHD is safe.
Several other studies, including an FDA study that will look at stimulant use over a much longer period of time are ongoing and should give us more information regarding safety and the long term affects of stimulant use.

For now, the results of this study provides some reassuring news for patients and parents that have tried many other treatments but that have only found relief from ADHD symptoms such as inattention with the regular use of stimulant medication.

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  1. That's a relief. There are so many children prescribed these stimulants right now, I'm glad there is no risk.


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