Additude Magazine Article on "Boosting Your Brain Activity".

The Winter 2015 edition of ADDITUDE magazine has a bunch of cool ideas (including  two of mine for folks with Inattentive ADD) for "Boosting your Brain Activity.  They asked a bunch of folks how they keep their ADHD brains in shape and the responses are helpful.  If you do not subscribe, buy a copy!

My life is busy.  I am pretty much working full time now.  This does not leave much time for anything except family responsibilities and enjoyment.

The family is all fine and my kids are doing well.  They have very different strengths and weaknesses but now that they are both in high school, I feel that they are well on the road to managing their ADHD symptoms on their own.

My eldest is in the midst of his Junior year in high school and is knee deep in testing, AP classes, clubs and practicing learning to drive.  He is doing well in school.

The little one is a freshman in high school and is happy to be at a new school where the sports he loves are played.  Academics continues to be a struggle for him but the new school is a much better fit. 

Keep your letters coming.  I always answer though I have been very neglectful with regards to posting regularly. Have a great holiday season!

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