Media Review of Coffee and Inattentive ADHD

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I am not posting much these days as my work schedule has been a bear.  I, however, wanted to post today about an interesting article that I read in the Atlantic about caffeine.  Regular blog readers will know that I am a regular coffee drinker and that I use caffeine to help me focus, to motivate me and to keep me on track throughout my day.

The Atlantic article focuses on the use of caffeine in Athletics.  They come to the conclusion that caffeine helps performance but, as we all know, caffeine is also addictive.  Their recommendation is that it be used carefully and purposefully.  I would have to totally agree.

My 15 year old son is now making his own morning cup of coffee.  He drinks it black.  He seems to do fine with just that one cup though he just went through finals week and I did notice that on a few days he made himself a cup at 3:30 pm as well.  He always has trouble falling asleep so it is unclear if the coffee kept him awake.

As you will remember, I am also a devout believer in exercise for ADHD.  My younger son has taken up Lacrosse which thankfully he loves.  My eldest is walking home from school every day now so he is getting 2.5 miles of exercise a day as well.

The road is always a bit bumpy when you are watching kids with ADHD mature and find their way.  It seems that their lives are filled with periods of clear sailing, periods of  dead winds and periods of hurricane winds.  Well, come to think of it, that is probably true of all of our lives...

You can find more information on why caffeine may help ADHD in this post about caffeine and the brain and I briefly address caffeine and Sluggish Cognitive Tempo is this other post.

I hope you are having a happy Spring!


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