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Commanding Attention on $2.99 Thank You Sale
I have been on a crusade to promote my ADHD treatment book Commanding Attention .  I recently received two really nice reviews from Amazon Top Reviewers. These reviewers often only review print books, not eBooks, so it was fantastic that they agreed to review the book.  I wanted to post a part of the review from E. Kerby one of the Top Amazon Reviewer to give those of you who have not checked out the book, a taste of what it contains.

" I recently finished reading Commanding Attention, and it is EXACTLY what I had been looking for! The author doesn't waste time telling story after story about people losing their keys or forgetting to wear shoes. Instead, she presents a scientific (but readable) collection of all of the research out there. Some of the research is on medications, but the vast majority is about other things: lifestyle changes, brain training stuff, nutrition and supplements, etc.

For each topic, the author covers the studies that have been done (and studies that are being done), what the result has been and what dosages were used (if applicable), how effective it is for treatment of ADHD, what is available for those who are interested, and any economical alternatives. At the end of the book, there are charts that compare how effective different options are, and flowcharts showing the logical order that different options should be tried, based on how likely they are to work and how big of an effect they could have.

Is this the best book I have read on ADHD? It is one of the best. If you're considering this book, I cannot recommend it highly enough! There really is no substitute. (Unless you want to spend a bunch of time going through medical journals...) Great book, very well written, great ideas, great information."

I wanted to thank those readers who have downloaded Commanding Attention and left reviews on the Amazon site.  You were wonderful to take the time to leave those kinds words!!  In order to get the book in as many hands as possible, The book will go on sale tomorrow with a five day sale price.  The normally price will be lowered to $2.99.  This price should be in effect by 2/1/13 (it takes Amazon a bit of time to change the price on their site).  

The book is now in the hands of a professional editor. I had a professional proof reader edit the book but that is not the same as copy editing which is what is happening to it now.  Hopefully this editor will correct all those misplaced commas, etc.

I am working on getting the index completed so that the book can be issued in print version.  If you have not checked out Commanding Attention: A Parent and Patient Guide to More ADHD Treatment, please do.  The price will be $2.99 for only five days.

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