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Additude Article: Notes from La La Land
In January I was contacted by Additude Magazine, the magazine with a circulation of over 50,000, that serves as the main sounding board for the ADHD community, and asked to write a personal piece about living with Inattentive ADHD.  I was incredibly honored, wrote the piece right away and sent it off the the editor.  I few weeks later I was asked to tweak it a bit, which I did and after a few more tweaks I was informed that it would be published in the summer editions.  It has now be published.

The piece is called "Daydream Believer".  They asked me to write a first person narrative about growing up with ADHD.  They wanted it to be poignant, witty, informative, down to earth...  I had never written a piece like this for a major publication and I had my doubts that my article was what they wanted.  I was hoping for it to be at least down to earth and informative as witty and poignant are a bit harder to get exactly right.

 The article that was published is a bit different from what I wrote. The piece was shortened and changed a bit and in the printed edition of the magazine they misspelled  Tess Messer).  Overall I am thrilled.  After all,  Tess Messer is not my real name, it is my "web" name and because the name of this website are correct in the online and printed version, I am good.

On  a completely different note, Denise Goldberg is an IEP advisor with a fantastic website called  Special Education Advisor. A few weeks ago she asked me if I would write a piece on ADHD-PI for her site and I was again honored and said yes right away. She has now published the article.  It is called "Spotting Inattentive ADHD".  I was thrilled that Denise allowed me to contribute to her site and I believe that her site is a fantastic resource for those of us with kids in school.

One of the physicians that I work with was fired and I am filling in for his schedule which is taking up a lot of my time.  Hopefully you will enjoy the Additude and Special Education Advisor articles.  I promise to post something just for Primarily Inattentive ADD very soon.


  1. Thanks for announcing this -- I don't get the magazine, but I look forward to reading your article. Could you check on the link in the post above, though? It keeps sending me to the Yahoo Mail login page... Thanks!

  2. Thanks. I think that the link is fixed now. The link that Additude sent me is a link that only I can get into but this link should work for everyone. So sorry and thanks again!!.


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