Nathan's Inattentive ADD Tips In Writing

I got a bunch of great feedback about the videos that Nathan had posted about Inattentive ADHD.  Many of you sent me private messages about how great it was to have your kids hear from someone other than a parent, about some lifestyle suggestions that help the symptoms of inattention and disorganization.

A few of you, the non-auditory learners, could not attend to the videos and have requested that the information be in writing.  I am a visual learner myself and sitting and listening to a video or oral presentation makes me want to open a vein.  Being a responsible blogger, however, I have listened (as attentively as is possible for me) to Nathan and have written down his suggestions for those of us who would rather have his pearls of wisdom, in writing.   I make no guarantees that every suggestion is here but this is what I heard about reducing Inattentive ADD symptoms:

Embrace the ADD problem-It is not all bad.
Find something to focus on so you know you can.
Use time management tools, planners, alarms, routines, etc.
Find a silent place to work like the library.
Get some sleep.

Have some long term goals that you are striving for.
Set deadlines for yourself so that you do not wander.
Watch a really intense movie for 15 minutes to get you blood flowing and get you engine revved.
Find an ADHD coach or a supportive and 'task oriented' advisor.
Drink caffeine

Use your computer for planning and notes.
Find an ADHD exercise routine.
Eat regularly.
Use the phone sparingly and with caution (it will waste a lot of your time).
Schedule regular diversions where you do something really fun.

Find your best time and work at that time (are you a morning person, a late night person??)
Schedule a break in your work every 15 minutes.
Use a dark room with one lit lamp in it to zone your focus.
Find a hobby that you can hyperfocus on.
Don't  try to hide your ADHD symptoms

Write your notes in your own words, you will remember them better
Do less "hanging out" and more work.
Block facebook
Make good habits and continue them for a month and they will last a lifetime
Consider taking up Yoga or meditation.

Those are Nathan's words of advice in writing.  I think that the kid knows how to beat this disorder.  I think we would all be better off if we took his advise and implemented even 20 of his 25 suggestions.  Thanks Nathan, way to go !!!

I leave you with more of Nathan (in case you did not see the other post)


  1. Yes. You walk your own walk and set your own goals and pace.String all the bits together...Success is what you do for yourself and others..As the Irish say: "Be Your Own Self"


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