ADHD and the Sims

Playing the Sims with ADHD
The Sims game is supposed to imitate life.  The kids have been playing the Sims game and they are doing about as well as you would expect people with ADHD to do.

We are on vacation so the kids get to play more video games than we generally permit during the school year.  My sister purchased the Sims game for a road trip to the beach and my boys play this on their iTouch consoles. 

I was not previously acquainted with the Sims games but it has been interesting to observe the choices that the kids make while playing this life simulation game.  My sister did not spring for the Sims 3 game so this is not the full edition and apparently this edition does not allow the player to have any hobbys, exercise routines or other diversions but it does allow them to eat, shower, sleep, work, marry and get in all sorts of trouble.

My inattentive son has managed to lose all his money to theft, deception,, ineptitude, inattention and confusion several times over.  He claims that he is not a total loser as his wife loves him and he reports that everyone in his neighborhood now likes him too.  He admitted that out of desperation he married for money but reports that he really likes his wife.  Thank God for his wife because she is also his boss as apparently no one else will hire him.

I have asked him to reflect on the choices that he has made in this game as it is a life simulation after all and I have told him that being dependent on your wife for everything is really kind of a drag.  He agrees and is trying to make better choices.

 He tells me that this game is very limited and is only a teaser for the Sims 3 game (the only hobby that people can have in the game he is currently playing is to go on a computer and play Sims3), but I have explained to him that for may people eating, showering, sleeping and working are the only life choices they have and that he could still try and make the best of these.

My hyperactive son has been late to work so often he is at risk of never working again but he has not managed to lose or misplace (or get robbed) of his money.  He is not married and his entire neighborhood does not love him but as of right now he is concentrating on getting to work on time and on not spending money.  These are all good choices for him given his current circumstances.

I know this is just a game but observing them play it has been illuminating.  The fact that their ADHD symptoms come through loud and clear in the choices that they make in this game should not be too surprising but the transparency of their problems when seen in game form is fascinating to me.   I can only hope that since the consequences of poor choices are immediate in this game that they actually learn something from all the mistake that they are making at that this learning translates into better choices in real life.  Time will tell.

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