Cheapest ADHD Vitamins and Other ADHD Stuff $25 Gift Card (0108)
ADHD Products are cheapest at Amazon or Ebay
OK, I am sure that I will sound like a walking sandwich board for and Ebay but the cheapest place to buy vitamins,ADHD books, most brain training software or other ADHD related tools in on Amazon or on Ebay.

Amazon has a huge number of companies competing for your business and they tend to have very affordable products.  Ebay occasionally has the software or whatever you are looking for in used form and this will result in your paying significantly less for it.

By far the least expensive, safest and best way to buy ADHD vitamins is to get them through  The reason for this is that the competition among manufacturers there forces the prices lower and you find deals there that are better than deals at any health food store or online vitamin outlet.

By far the cheapest way to get a children's multivitamin such as Flinstone complete with Zinc or the omega-3 fatty acids and phosphatidylserine, which have both been shown to be helpful for the treatment of ADHD, is to buy them in the form of Neptune Krill Oil from Amazon.

I really am not a walking advertisement for Amazon but the truth is that if you go to a health food store or onto  an online site, you will probably end up paying lots more for something that may not even be as good.  I know, I have been in a bind and have forgotten to order the kid's vitamins and have ended up paying through the nose for them at my health food store (which I love and I support by buying all my lotions and hair supplies from as the prices for these is comparable, at least somewhat comparable, to Amazon prices).

In the case of  phosphatidylserine, for example, you want a vitamin source that is proven to be as bio-available as possible because if you ingest it and it sits in your gut then it is money wasted.  It has to cross the blood brain barrier to do any good and the phosphatidylserine in Neptune Krill oil does that more effectively than any other form of phosphatidylserine.  Many health food stores do not carry NKO so people may buy a phophatadylserine that is really expensive and that will do nothing for them.

Reputable manufactures who are certified by a national entity are your best bet, avoid non USP certified ADHD vitamins as they may be a huge waste of money.  Since all ADHD vitamins should come form a reputable manufacturer, you will need to find  a company on Amazon from the list below that makes the vitamins in the U.S., Europe, or Canada as the regulations there are standardized and products from these locations are considered to be safe.   You want the companies to a the USP verified seal because those products have met the standards of safety.

The list below contains the names of USP verified companies. The trick is to find the ADHD vitamins that you wish to take from a USP verified site and then to compare pricing.  As an example,  Schiff Nutrition NKO Product at Amazon with 90, 300mg softgels cost $15.00.  The recommended dose is 1 per day so that is a price of  about 15 cents a day which is considerably less than you will pay at any other store.  The link to the Schiff  NKO product is here.

If your are taking daily vitamins for ADHD and keeping up on your ADHD reading, you will spend a lot less money if you buy these products at Amazon or on Ebay.  Other vitamins sources and book sources can cost you significantly more

USP Verified Program for Dietary Supplements

The manufacturers listed below have chosen to participate in USP's verification program for dietary supplements and submit selected products for verification. Brands submitted for verification are listed under the manufacturers' names.

Aland (Jiangsu) Nutraceutical Co. Ltd.

Inverness Medical Innovations
Selected store and private-label brand supplements

Leiner Health Products
Your Life® brand supplements
Selected store and private-label brand supplements

Pharmavite LLC
Nature Made® brand supplements
Nature's Resource® brand herbal supplements
Selected store and private-label brand supplements

Robinson Pharma Inc.

Schiff Nutrition
Schiff® brand supplements
Selected store and private-label brand supplements

Perrigo Company of South Carolina
Selected private–label brand supplements

Natural Factors Nutritional Products
Selected private-label brand supplements

Kirkland Signature® brand supplements

Uni-caps, LLC
Selected private-label brand supplements


  1. Teresa, You write here about the importance of getting supplements from the US, Europe, or Canada, but elsewhere you've recommended Mentat/MindCare by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare (an Indian company). I've been taking the MindCare (US version) of this product at your recommendation, but I have wondered about its safety. Can you explain why you trust this product (or have you changed your position on this recently and are now recommending only products made in the US, Europe, or Canada and that are USP verified?

    Thanks, as always, for all the information you make available about ADHD-PI and SCT (the latter of which I'd never heard of until I discovered your site). Thank you!

  2. Thanks for calling me on that and I think that you are right in that I have not been consistent here. I do take the Mentat and I guess I trust that product because I spent a long time researching their site and decided that they seemed safe. The company that makes Mentat has performed several studies on this product using the exact dosage of Bacopa that is in Mentat and they have their own safety and standards program. I think that for some of the herbal products, Asia is way ahead of us in terms of researching forms of alternatives to medication but unfortunately, you are absolutely right, the safety of these products is always a concern.

    Thanks for keeping me straight!!

  3. And thank you for clarifying your stand on this and for everything I have learned from you.


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