Personality and Inattentive ADD. Free Personality Test

The Myers-BriggsPersonality inventory divides all of us into 16 personality types.  Based on these personality traits, Pyschologist can tell us what work we will enjoy, what hobbies may entertain us and what partners or spouses we will be most compatible with.

Our ADHD Inattentive (ADHD I) may also influence our personality type or vice-versa and I have also thought that people with ADHD I were more likely to be Intuitive Feelers or Intuitive Thinkers.  This test is free and I find it illuminating.

Several studies have indicated that personality traits can identify people with Inattentive ADD and I wrote a post in May regarding these studies.  At that time I had not found a good, free personality test for Inattentive ADD (ADHD I).   Now I have and if you have time, you should take it.  You may be surprised by the results.

personality and Inattentive ADD
Personality can Identify Inattentive ADD

Primarily Inattentive ADD Personality Test-Free

The results pages tell us about famous people who have our personality type as well as handy information such as what personality type would make a good spouse for us and what kind of work we might enjoy.

Primarily Inattentive ADD Personality Test-Free Results Pages
and another Primarily Inattentive ADD Personality Test Results Explanation

If you have never taken a personality inventory you may find this test and the results interesting.  Enjoy!!

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