ADHD Coach for Inattentive ADHD (ADHD-I)

ADHD Coach for Inattentive ADHD (ADHD-I)

AN ADHD coach can be an invaluable resource for people with Inattentive ADHD but if you are lucky, and have the right people in your life, you may not need one.

So how do you determine if you need an ADHD Coach for your Inattentive ADHD (ADHD-I)?  You might start by looking at the motivation, organizational and observational skills of your spouse or your maybe your mother.

I was looking at the curriculum for an ADHD coaching program that a friend of mine is taking and I decided that the ADHD Coaching training course was teaching her to be my mother.   When I mentioned this to my friend she said that her husband also seemed to instruct and motivate in the style of an ADHD coach though he had never taken a course.    

Almost every single item that they would be covering in the ADHD Coaching course were things that my mother 'coached' us on as we were growing up.  My mother did not have ADHD and she had no ADHD parenting training but she managed to mother, motivate and organize at least two Inattentive ADHD (ADHD-I) children.  ADHD coaching came naturally to her and she seemed to know how to coach without having taken the first training class.

I think that ADHD-I coaching is one of the most valuable treatments available for Inattentive ADHD (ADHD-I) and all of us with ADHD-I need this help.  This is what my mother did that is part of the ADHD coaching course and this is what an ADHD coach can do for you if your mother, spouse or dear (and reliable) friend happens to not have these skills.

  1. Your mother or an ADHD coach can point out to you when you have spaced out and have totally forgotten what the goal was.
  2.  Your mother or an ADHD coach will teach you ways to stay motivated so that you don't get off task. 
  3.  Your mother or an ADHD coach can help you establish a routine so that getting certain things done is on auto pilot.
  4.   Your mother or an ADHD coach can point out to you when you are putting things off and not getting things done and put a fire under your but to get you moving.
  5. Your mother or an ADHD coach can show you how to be more resourceful and less reactive in situations so that you stop moaning and groaning about what has to be done and instead find a unique, creative and doable manner to reach your goals.
  6.  Your mother or an ADHD coach can teach you how long certain things take to get done and show you how to keep track of time and how to work more efficiently.
  7. Your mother or an ADHD coach will help you see the barriers in your life that are keeping you from fulfilling your potential.
  8. Your mother or an ADHD coach will show you what your strengths are and teach you how to use them to your full potential.
You do not have to have Inattentive ADHD (ADHD-I) or any other type of ADHD to need this type of mothering or ADHD coaching.  I think everyone could use these tool but people with Inattentive ADHD need extra help in these areas to succeed with a diagnosis of Inattentive ADHD, which is why if your mother (or other) is not versed in these coaching strategies, having an ADHD coach in your life may not be a bad idea.

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