Attention Deficit Order Now!!

Attention Deficit Order
Finally, Attention Deficit Order!! You may remember that I have been trying to organize this website. A few months ago I posted that I would like you to be able to find things easily on Primarily Inattentive ADD because combing through almost 300 post to find anything was mind boggling for regular folks and impossible for people with ADD.

I tell my kids that we should, whenever possible, bring order to our Attention Deficit Dis-Ordered lives. Trying to achieve what I call ADO (Attention Deficit Order) in our lives is, admittedly, an uphill battle but I am happy to report that the ordering of this website is almost completed.

You may recall that I had said that I wanted a place where you could click to find information on:

1: Inattentive ADHD Symptoms
2. Inattentive ADHD Treatment
3. Inattentive ADHD Behavioral Training
4. Inattentive ADHD Diagnostic Tests
5. Inattentive ADHD Social Skills Training
6. Inattentive ADHD Alternatives to Medications
7. Inattentive ADHD Research Trials
8. Inattentive ADHD in Children
9. Inattentive ADHD in Adults
10. Sluggish Cognitive Therapy Research
11. Sluggish Cognitive Therapy Treatment

Well the categories are not exactly the same as the above but I do now have, in the left side bar a section that is called: "Where to Find Information On:".  Within this area there are now links in all the following categories:

  1. A review of The Management of ADHD at School and at Home
  2. ADHD Diet Recommendation Summary
  3. ADHD Mis-Diagnosis
  4. ADHD Studies and Clinical Trials
  5. ADHD Vitamin and Supplement Review
  6. Begin w/ Inattentive ADHD Treatment Here
  7. Behavioral Therapy
  8. Free ADHD Stuff
  9. Inattentive ADHD Overview
  10. Inattentive ADHD Social Skills
  11. Inattentive ADHD Symptoms
  12. Inattentive ADHD Treatment
  13. Sluggish cognitive tempo
  14. Tests for Inattentive ADHD 
If you have Attention deficit Dis-Order or you have a child with ADD you know that getting this done was a pain and you will understand why I am proud of what I have completed and accomplished thus far.

I have a few more categories to fill in. The Inattentive ADD (ADHD-PI) and Sluggish Cognitive Tempo (SCT) research category is a difficult. I want it to be readable and succinct and the science information on ADHD-PI and SCT do not lend themselves to succinct or readable. I have tried to find a way to separate the adult stuff from the kids stuff but the truth is that information that applies to kids, mostly also applies to adults and vice-versa so I eliminated those categories.

If I am missing a category that you would like to see, please let me know and thanks for reading.

Please feel free to pass this site on to anyone who you feel may enjoy it.  Thanks!

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