Treating ADHD Dyslexia and Reading Problems a Free Tool

Dyslexia and Reading Problems are common in people with ADHD.

A study performed recently at the Mayo clinic and published in the Journal Pediatrics reported that 51% of boys and 47% of girls with a diagnosis of ADHD also had dyslexia or a reading problem. This compared to only 14.5% of boys and 8% of girls without and ADHD diagnosis.

We do not have the exact figures on the rate of dyslexia in children with Predominantly Inattentive ADHD vs. Combined type ADHD but we have no reason to believe, based on other research studies, that the visual processing skills on children with Inattentive ADHD is any better than the visual processing of the other subtypes.

Visual processing training may help improve visual attention skills, dyslexia, ADHD and  reading problems. A company out of England has a free product called AgileEye which is designed to improve the visual problems seen in ADHD. The program is absolutely free but read the directions carefully as you should not be medicated with a stimulant while performing the exercises and if you suffer from migraine headaches or a few other medical conditions you should also avoid this program.

The science behind the AgileEye program is on their webpage.  The website also contains a link to frequently asked questions which is helpful to read. The sessions are each 12 minutes long and there are only a total of 12 sessions. You must take a break of at least a 2 day break in between sessions.  The task is to keep the little car in the center of the road and you will be pleased to know that, in my first session, my little car stayed on the road for 97% of the time. My guess is that I would have scored far less well if I had a reading problem.

David Gerecht from CogniBeat the program that makes AgileEye will soon post a guest post where he gives us more information about the science behind AgileEye for ADHD, Dyslexia and Reading problems. Since the program is absolutely free I think that you should absolutely take a look at it if you or your child has reading issues.

The AgileEye program is not difficult to start. Go to the site. Fill out the registration. Confirm your email and then go back to the home page, log in and click on the little tiny key (I had trouble figuring out what to do once I was logged in but that tiny key takes you to the program.)

There are other software programs out there intended to improve visual processing that are not designed to help dyslexia or reading problems and I will post about them tomorrow.

Kids and adults with ADHD are prone to have Dyslexia and Reading Problems. Using a free tool such as the CogniBeat AgileEye tool may improve the visual processing skills that are deficient in people with ADHD, Dyslexia and reading problems.

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