Rules for Medicating Inattentive ADHD

Finding the right medication for ADHD can be a challenge. Finding the right medicine for ADHD Inattentive (ADHD-PI) can be downright mind boggling. WE know from many studies that if a person with ADHD-PI is going to respond to a stimulant that it will be at a target dose that is likely to be different than what you might see when you are treating the other subtypes of ADHD.

Choosing the correct medicine is imperative but choosing the correct dose is even more important. Many patients and parents abandon a medicine that may have worked at a different dose because the original dose was way too high.

Dr. Charles Parker, a psychiatrist that has spent a great deal of time researching ADHD drug treatment has written a book called 'ADHD Medication Rules' that spells out, in great detail, how you determine the best medicine and the best dose to treat the individual's specific symptoms of ADHD.

Most psychiatrist and pediatricians decide on their ADHD drug of choice and write this medication for everyone who walks through their door. They become comfortable and familiar with that one medication and it is difficult for patients to budge them to think of another course of treatment because of their comfort with their drug of choice. They will tell parents and patients, "Well let’s give it a week or two...” when, if fact, if a medicine is a stimulant and it is at the correct dose, it will help almost immediately.

I have many readers write me regarding how to determine the correct dose for their ADHD symptoms and I highly recommend that they buy Dr. Parker's Book.

You can purchase Dr. Parker's eBook ADHD - Medication Rules at this link.

Treating ADHD Inattentive is complicated, most physicians give patients with ADHD-PI the same medication and dose as they give all their patients with ADHD. This approach dooms the patient to failure. Getting the right medicine and the right dose is imperative. Dr. Parker's book spells out clear guidelines for getting the treatment to work as well as it can for every inattentive individual.

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