Primarily Inattentive ADD and ADHD Facebook Page and Discussion Forum

I have tried this morning to create a Facebook page.  The Facebook link is now in the right column of this website and it would be great if  you would go to Facebook and click the little Facebook 'Like' button.
The button is at the top of the page and kind of  looks like.

I have sent out emails to the subscribers with instructions on what to do as well.  I thought that Facebook might be a good place to host a discussion forum since I have not manage to figure out how to host a discussion forum on this site.

The upside of being in the medical profession and writing a health blog is that  you have easy access to many health care resources that the lay population may not have access to.  The downside of being a health care provider writing a blog of any kind is that the technology involved in writing and promoting the blog is not something that you have received any training in at all.  I am still working out the Facebook page logo issues.

I made the graphic that you see above for Facebook landing page but I am not 100% sure that this is where you will land when you go to my Facebook page.  You will land on my page though so that is a start.  Bear with me, hopefully eventually I will figure out the graphics.  In the mean time please feel free to start a discussion on the Facebook page.  I hope to see you there.


  1. One of the hardest parts of being a caregiver is learning the balance between being patient with my own shortcomings and making excuses for needless failure. I often have to ask myself, " is not having done X a result of my human weakness, or a deliberate inability to have compassion, " X being any task that needs done, especially as a caregiver. Like when I didn't clean the kitchen table last night. Was it that I simply forgot because I was tired, or was it that I allowed myself to get too distracted to notice or care. I can't always be sure, because its a fine line. The former is sometimes unavoidable, and the latter is always preventable, if I do things 'right.' Its the tightrope of patience, with excuses waiting to pull me off to either side, causing a long fall, followed by a short stop.

  2. What a great point!! It is a thin line isn't it?
    I think that we need to occasionally assess our patterns. Everyone slips at times but if we spend more time on the floor than on two feet (or one foot even) then we need to seriously consider an intervention of some sort.

    Thanks for your great comment. Tess


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