ADHD Symptoms Caused by Multiple Medical Problems.

Recently I published a blog post where I listed 161 medical problems that caused ADHD symptoms.  Dr.  Charles Parker generously reposted the 161 medical problem post on his blog and now he is issuing his readers a challenge.

Dr. Parker wants all of us involved with ADHD to add to this list.   A reader to my sight added mold sensitivity to the 161 medical problems and Dr. Parker has added several more. The list is now up to 168 medical problems that cause symptoms of ADHD but are not ADHD.

 Please go to Dr. Parker’s blog post on adding to Tess's 161 medical problems that can cause ADHD and add any medical problem that we may have missed.  The aim is to make as a complete a list as possible of all the medical problems that cause symptoms of ADHD but that where the underlying medical problem is not ADHD.  

The importance of this is huge.  Imagine a patient that goes to the doctor with a symptom of fever.  There are many medical problems that cause fever.  The medical doctor can give the person Tylenol or an antibiotic and that may or may not help the fever but if the underlying problem is not treated the patient will not be properly treated.  And so it is with ADHD especially inattentive ADHD.  

The patient goes to the doctor with a symptom of inattention.  If the doctor just gives the person a stimulant, it may help the inattention but if there is another medical issue causing the inattention, this issue will go untreated.
Please take a look at Dr. Parker's post and add to the list if possible.  If you cannot add to the list, please send this around to anyone who may be able to expand the list and increase our understanding of the multiple medical problems that can cause ADHD.

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