ADHD Primarily Inattentive Forum

ADHD Predominantly Inattentive Forum

We now have an ADHD Predominantly Inattentive Forum!

I have started a Primarily Inattentive ADD Forum page. This is the place where people with ADHD Predominantly Inattentive can meet and discuss what has worked for them and what has not worked.  ADHD-PI topics may include:

  • Diagnostic Procedures
  • Medication Discussions
  • Therapies that have been helpful
  • Social Issues
  • Medical Provider Discussions
  • Symptoms Questions
  • Sluggish Cognitive Tempo Discussion
  • Etc.

The ADD and ADHD Inattentive Forum can found in the right side bar. I have been asked in the past if I could set up a Forum page so you could speak with each other. It has taken me a while to learn how to do it but voila!! We now have a forum for adults, teenagers and parents of children with a diagnosis of ADHD Predominantly Inattentive and for adults and parents of children with a diagnosis of Sluggish Cognitive Tempo.
Please feel free to start a topic, answer questions, share what has worked for you, recommend medical providers or share any and all information that you think may benefit our community.
You can find the Forum at the Primarily Inattentive Forum link. Please contact me at once if you have any problems, questions or advice. Thanks in advance for making the forum a place where we will all feel at home.  Let the chatting begin!


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