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This is a list of free training, diagnostic, organization and therapy tools from Tess Messer here at Primarily Inattentive ADHD.  These are all free ADHD tools that you can use to diagnose, manage and treat the symptoms of  

Where applicable, the posts that describe the benefits of the free ADHD resources are next to the category titles.

1.  Free ADHD Diagnostic Tools (Posts that describe the dangers of misdiagnosing ADHD)

            Free Self Scoring ADHD Symptom Checklist

           Free Asperger's Disease Quiz

              Free Diagnostic Guide:  170 Diseases that look like           ADHD but are not.

            Free ADHD Memory and Attention Testing

           Free Brain Dominance Test and Strategies to Improve Performance based on Brain area Dominance

2.  Free Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Posts that describe how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps Inattentive ADD)

         Free Online Cognitive Therapy

3.  Free Visual Training (Posts that describe why visual training helps Inattentive ADD)

               Free Visual Training for ADHD Dyslexia & Reading Problems

4.  Free Cognitive Brain Training (Post that describe why cognitive training helps Inattentive ADD)
This game from Game Metrix is the classic memory puzzle but it is timed and you need to complete in less than 90 seconds so it works on both working memory and on processing speed.
This game requires strategy, focus and concentration and it is fun to develop strategies to enable you to "zero" out the graph. Start at the 'huh duh' level because it is not at all easy!!
This site has several areas that are helpful for the ADHD brain. I would focus on the memory game section, attention game section and visual brain teasers section is where I would start on this page.
Both the mental aerobics section and the memory section of this site are helpful for the specific brain differences in people with ADD and ADHD.
This site has the Dual-N-Back game. According to this site, "A recent study published in PNASan important scientific journal, shows that a particular memory task called dual n-back may actually improve working memory (short term memory) and fluid intelligence."  They also report that, "Anecdotal evidence suggests that the dual n-back task also enhances focus and attention and may help improve the symptoms of ADHD/ADD."

5.  Improve Working Memory (Posts that describe why improving working memory is important)

        TaskSwitching and


6.  Free ADHD Organizational Tools and Systems (Posts that describe why organizational help is needed for people with Inattentive ADD)

         Free Homework Organization System

        Free Homework Organizer/Note Taking/Task Manager for Students

       Free Get it Done Program

       Free Homework Planner 

      Free ADHD Decluttering Help

7.  Free Mindfulness Meditation Resources

Ten minutes of mindful meditation is free, easy to do and if your child's school does not have a program, starting a program at home is easy. Mindfulness should be thought of as attention training. The steps to mindfulness are simple.

1. Bring attention to an attention anchor such as a tiny colorful light bulb in the center of your heart that rises and falls with each breath.

2. Pay attention to the distractions that pop into your mind and note them and then blow them away and refocus on the Christmas light.

3. Repeat these two steps for ten minutes.

These simple steps teach the child or adult to pay attention to paying attention and they change the brain for the better. There are many types of meditation and many online resources for the different types of Inattentive ADHD meditation that you can perform at home. I have included some free resources below to get you started.

Free Free Guided Imagery Resources
Free Guided Imagery (Click, at mid page, on Blue Sky - Meditation for Inner Stillness and Silence)

This last free resource is my favorite and I think you will really like it.  It is what I call mindfulness music:

8.  Free Inattentive ADHD Advice and Resources
(Well most of the posts give advice or at least I hope that they do...)

      Free Guide to ADHD Recommendations that Work (ADHD supplements,ADHD tools, ADHD Books, etc)

9.  Almost Free Stuff

iphone and itunes Cognitive Behavioral Training: Depression

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