ADHD Therapy may help Dementia Risk

A recent study, just published has found a link between ADHD and dementia.  The article is in a link at the bottom of this post.  This article does not address if treatment for ADHD corrects the ADHD dementia risk. There is some very good evidence that strategies such as cognitive training, memory training and even Ritalin may decrease the risk of dementia.

It is possible that chronic neurotransmitter abnormalities and deficiencies are toxic to the brain and that any therapy that improves the neurotransmitter profile in the brain will decrease our risk of developing dementia.
The neurotransmitter problems of Inattentive ADHD are known to be different from the neurotransmitter problems of the other types and it is not clear that the dementia risks for all types of ADHD are the same.

The idea regarding the benefits of cognitive and memory training is that these programs strengthen neural connections and in the process gain protection against dementia.  Stimulant therapy may help prevent dementia.  Both Adderall and Ritalin will increase brain dopamine.  These drugs may ward against dementia because increased dopamine can protect the  brain from damage especially if the brain is deficient in dopamine as is the case if people with Hyperactive/Impulsive ADHD.

Ritalin may be more protective than Adderall because Ritalin acts on both the re-uptake of dopamine and on the delivery of dopamine to the brain.  Adderall acts only to increase delivery. It is unclear if Inattentive ADHD has the same level of dopamine deficiency or is at as high a risk for future dementia.  Here is the article.  Let me know what you think.

ADHD may lead to dementia, researchers claim | Healthcare News:

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