ADHD SSI Disability Benefits

For many years I worked with a nurse who had Combined type ADHD. She worked hard and generally did a terrific job.  She was well liked by patients and her co-workers. She had a history of a very rough childhood and had been institutionalized for several years as a teenager with a diagnosis of depression and panic attacks. Despite little family support she was able to complete nursing school, got married, developed a passion for animals and flourishe at home and in her work.

Last year her world began to unravel. She developed a rare eyelid condition that made her eyes uncomfortable, her husband asked for a divorce (they never had children), and the nursing supervisor decided that her work was not up to speed and she was placed on probation and then fired (after working at this hospital for over 25 years).

When I saw her just before her last day she seemed at peace with her dismissal and I was surprised and concerned. This was just before the holidays and this was a nurse that worked every single holiday because she said she felt more "at home" in the hospital than she felt anywhere else. Several weeks later I found out why she was so at peace. She had made a plan to kill herself which she carried out two weeks after being fired. She survived the suicide attempt but she is emotionally very unstable and does not feel as though she can work as a nurse anymore.  This is such a very sad story and I do not know how she will be able to support herself.  Maybe disability benefits could help her.

This nurse is severely disabled by her ADHD and her depression and she should apply for and get Social Security (SSI) disability.  At this point she is unable to work in her field and her depression and ADHD are significant enough to impair her from functioning in the capacity of a Registered Nurse. According to SSI you must have a condition that impairs you in such a way that you cannot function in your occupation but getting benefits is not that easy.

The Social Security Administration does offer disability benefits for mental health conditions such as these but getting approved to receive disability is a long and specific process.  Tim Moore, an expert on issues related to filing claims for disability will be writing a guest post on applying for SSI benefits in tomorrow's post. He contacted me requesting that this information be made available to you.

I believe that it is important for people to be aware on how the disability process works so be on the lookout for his post tomorrow.

By the way, children can sometimes receive mental health disability benefits as well and that information in also available from the Social Security Administration website.

I have included some links on mental health disability and SSI for your information.
Disability Benefits


  1. Very valuable info for my ADHD clients who've suffered a job loss.

    Thank you addressing Tess.


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