Safe Inattentive ADD supplements and inexpensive phosphatidylserine

I wanted to post a bit more information about phosphatidylserine because I got a few emails from folks wanting  more specifics.  The least expensive, safest and best way to ingest phosphatidylserine is in the form of Krill Oil or Neptune Krill Oil to be exact.  it turns out that these little shrimp (krill) are chock full of  VERY bio-available phosphatidylserine.  You want the phosphatidylserine to be as bio-available as possible because if you ingest it and it sits in your gut then it is money wasted.  It has to cross the blood brain barrier to do any good and the phosphatidylserine in Krill oil does that more effectively than any other form of phosphatidylserine.  Please see  my last post on phosphatidylserine for more information on that.  The link to that post is below.

I was recently asked two questions.  Where to get the phosphatidylserine inexpensively and where to find a reputable manufacturer.  You want a company that makes this stuff in the U.S., Europe, or Canada as the regulations there are standardized and products from these locations are considered to be safe.   You want the companies to be USP verified because those products have met the standards of safety.

The name of the product you want to get is Neptune Krill Oil or NKO.  All other Krill oil is not the same.  NKO has a significant amount of phosphatidylserine and it is the primary phospholipid in this substance.  I have included a list of USP verified companies below as well.  I was able to find a Schiff Nutrition NKO Product at Amazon with 90, 300mg softgels for $15.00 plus shipping.  The recommended dose is 1 per day so that is a price of $5.00 per month which your really can't beat.  The link to the Schiff product is up at the left and is below as well.

I really love all your comments on these  posts.  Let me know if I can answer any other questions.  Writing is easier for me if you comment otherwise it feels as though I am talking to myself and I did way tooooooo much of that as a kid!!!  

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Schiff Brand Krill Oil for ADD
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USP Verified Program for Dietary Supplements

The manufacturers listed below have chosen to participate in USP's verification program for dietary supplements and submit selected products for verification. Brands submitted for verification are listed under the manufacturers' names.

Aland (Jiangsu) Nutraceutical Co. Ltd.

Inverness Medical Innovations
Selected store and private-label brand supplements

Leiner Health Products
Your Life® brand supplements
Selected store and private-label brand supplements

Pharmavite LLC
Nature Made® brand supplements
Nature's Resource® brand herbal supplements
Selected store and private-label brand supplements

Robinson Pharma Inc.

Schiff Nutrition
Schiff® brand supplements
Selected store and private-label brand supplements

Perrigo Company of South Carolina
Selected private–label brand supplements

Natural Factors Nutritional Products
Selected private-label brand supplements

Kirkland Signature® brand supplements

Uni-caps, LLC
Selected private-label brand supplements


  1. I want to have my 16 yr old daughter take this, but what if it wears off once she gets home from school? Taking two 300mgs pills a day I think would be too much. What product would you recommend for my daughter?


  2. Hi Britt,

    This is not like a prescription medication. It is more like a dietary supplement. She would take on a day much like she would take a vitamin.

    I will email you with more recommendations, as you requested in another comment.

    Thanks for your comments.

  3. I should probably send you my email then. I saw your post for today. Thank you for that. Its very helpful. We will start with your recommendations. We have tried coffee for days she has tutoring because they are long for her & she is always tired after school. The coffee does help her I've noticed. Thanks again for all of your information. It is nice to know someone is out there with insight & first hand experience.




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