Have a Wonderful Holiday and Thank You!!

I will be spending the day cooking and visiting.  My family and extended family is all together and so far we have had only a little drama.  This is generally a sign that the holidays will be relatively stress free.  Thanks for all of your support and comments on this blog over this last year. 

This blog is now over one year old and I did not think that I would be writing it for more than 12 months.  My goal was to stick with it for one year and it has now been about 13 months.  I thought that my attention span would wain and that I was not capable of sustaining the continuous attention that a blog requires for more than one year.

I knew that I could not do it alone and I did not count on your help.  You have given me things to write about, questions to answer and constant reinforcement to keep on keeping on.   I should not be surprised by the role that you have played in all this.  Anyone that lives with Inattentive ADD knows that the way to keep us productive is to keep us motivated.  You are experienced motivators of the best kind.  Thanks so much for all your help and Happy Holidays.


  1. Yes. We must be aware and do active, positive things to build on....String good events together. Never give up. Ever Upward.

  2. Thank you for working so hard on this blog. It's been a wonderful place for me to learn. I appreciate it. Happy holidays to you and your family!


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