The Inattentive's Distractions Can Speak Volumes

I came across this site called All Things Equal and I saw this Haiku that I loved by Chris Veerabadran.

"Among distractions, love the best distraction."

Having a history of Inattentive ADHD, I spend a lot of time fighting off thinking about my distractions but I think that it is Ok to love the things that you think about that distract you because the reason that you are distracted by them is that they are powerfully important to you.

I decided that I was going to allow myself time to think about the things that distract me and do, for a moment or two, what Chris suggested in his Haiku. Mind you, I had a million and one things that I should have been doing (including writing a blog post of some substance) but I decided to make a list of my "Best Distraction".

Here it goes, in no particular order but I am afraid that the order that they came to my mind may be quite telling:

Time with my Family
Road Trips
Cafe con Leche
Alone Time with My Spouse
Craigslist, the 'For Free' Category
Walks with my eldest son
Laughing with my Youngest Son
Reading the New Yorker

What are your best distractions?? Set aside some time and love them, OK?  I offered you my own Haiku in the title of this post.  Now I best get back to work...

Site with Haiku by Chris Veerabadran: All Are Equal

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