Dealing with the Holiday Stress of Inattentive ADHD

On this Thanksgiving holiday I am dishing out a few of my favorite tips for surviving the holidays. These work wonders even if you and most of your loved ones do not have Inattentive ADHD.

1. Make a plan and do as much holiday preparation as you can ahead of time.

2. Ask for help. Most friends and relatives want to contribute to the festivities. Don't try to do everything yourself.

3. Do not imagine perfection. Imagine Fiasco and you will be pleasantly surprised when thing turn out better than you expected.

4. Don't take things personally. Your family loves you regardless of how badly they are behaving and regardless of what they are saying. Forgive and forget.

5. Try to get some fresh air and some exercise. Take your family with you. A change of venue and a change of pace works wonders for your body and soul.

6. Don't over drink or over eat. The food will mostly still be there tomorrow and so will the wine and beer. Spread out the feasting, your body will thank you for it.

7. Don't let the kids sit in front of the TV all holiday. Go outside and rake or throw the football or take them to the park.

8. Tell your spouse that you are thankful for them.

9. Tell your kids that you are thankful for them.

10. Tell your relatives and friends that you are thankful for them.

11. Don't forget to take your vitamins.

12. Have a blast and Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Stay the Course and things work their way out...Positive Progress no matter how measurable is always a PLUS.

  2. Good tips, thanks for this post!

  3. Thanks both of you for your comments. Off I go to wrestle the turkey.


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