Inattentive ADHD and Cognitive Software

My kids are not yet out for summer break but Friday is their last day of school.  I am looking to brain enrich them through the summer with some cognitive training software programs.  My younger son has been doing the Fast ForWord program and we have seen an improvement in both attention and behavior.  The program works on the principal that our brains have a plasticity that allows them to change and be molded in a way that produces cognitive improvement and improves concentration, focus, memory and attention.

My youngest son has almost completed the first Fast ForWord program and I am springing for the second half of the program, which he will do over the summer, though it is costing me a small fortune.  I have been looking into cognitive processing software for my older son and it turns out that there are like a million variations to choose from.

From my research, the Neurobiofeedback program that is called Play Attention has had some pretty sound studies done on its cognitive effects and it seems to work well to increase concentration, attention, focus, etc.
This program costs about $1700.00 but there is a site that I found where you may be able to find the software, helmet, etc used.  The Play Attention company will offer support even if you buy the game used.  There is also someone selling one on Ebay for $900.00. the link is here:  I may buy it if you don't.

Captain Log is not a neuro-feedback program it is a cognitive strengthening program like Cogmed.  It consists of games that are played to strengthen memory, focus, executive function, etc.  This program as well as the Brain Train program  that is made by the same company  has a good track record as far as studies indicating a benefit to the program.  No tests have been done, as far as I know, on the long term benefits of Captain Log training.

Cogmed is another brain training, non-biofeedback program.  It trains executive functioning, memory, visual attention, etc, etc.  It has a good record of improving attention but you have to continue to do the program to continue to see benefits.  The benefits 6 months after finishing the program are not as solidly seen as the benefits seen after Fast ForWord or Play Attention.

A great list of all the available software is at this link: .  Beware!!  This is just a list with a description of what these developers say about their programs and with check marks next to what the programs claims to achieve.  Most of these programs have not been studied at all so the claims that they are making are nothing but claims.

There is a site that is free that has free brain games.  You need to put in your email address and then it takes you to a list of games that you can play for free.  The price tag is right but the range of games that you can play is somewhat limited.  I have tried to embed one of their games here so give it a try.  I played the UC campus picture game that is intended to improve your reaction time.  I scored a 240.   Let me know how you do.

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  1. My 9 year old son is currently working on AttenGo with his speech pathologist to improve attention and working memory.

    I recently found your blog and find it enormously helpful. Thanks so much. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. I had not heard of this program. I am going to look into it and thanks for reading!!


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