More Information on Girls and Women with ADHD

For more information on girls with ADHD please check out  Attention, Girls!: A Guide to Learn All About Your Ad/Hd. This book is written especially for 12-18 year olds and is a terrific resource for girls with ADHD.

There is a wonderful series of books with a heroine named Phoebe Flower, a girl with Hyperactive Impulsive ADHD.  The social skill problems and anxiety issues that Phoebe suffers are similar to the social skill problems and worries of girls with ADHD Predominantly Inattentive (ADHD-PI).  We have some of these books in our library at school and my kids have enjoyed reading about Phoebe's adventures.

There are also several great web pages for women with ADHD.  Patricia Quinn, MD is the authority on ADHD in women and girls and her web page is here.    A support forum for women with ADHD can be found here.

A great book about women with ADHD is called Understanding Women with AD/HD by Kathleen Nadeau.  This book is a tremendous resource for women suffering from ADHD symptoms.

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