The Perfect School House with ADHD or Without

I am sure it gets old to hear about the wonderful school that my kids go to but I was recently asked to put together some thoughts on what makes a school great.  I wanted to share with you what I came up with and ask you to add to my list.  This list I think applies to all children but especially applies to children who learn at school in a non-traditional manner.

Good schools:

Know the child as an individual.
Have teachers who teach the child not the classroom.
Consider parents to be co-workers.
Respect students.
Welcome parents in the classroom.
Make learning fun.
Have teachers who model a passion for learning.
Encourage students to pursue whatever passions they may have.

I am sure I have left out something and would love some help with my list.


  1. Good schools make learning active, integrating movement and hands-on lessons.
    Good schools integrate art, music, PE, drama, etc. into all lessons.

    My fav of your list is "have teachers who teach the child and not the classroom." My daughter is struggling in 5th grade right now because this is not happening (she's my non-ADHD child!).

    THis isn't the place but I have to ask, how did you get the Concerta ad on your blog? Just yesterday I went to their site trying to find out how to request it with no luck.


  2. Penny, I agree with you completely. The kid's school incorporate all this into the curriculum and the have several fresh air breaks and 40 minutes of recess in addition to PE.

    I am really new to all this and do not know how the concerta ad got on the site. I have added your site to my favorite blogs on my site. I would be very grateful if you could link to mine but I will understand complete if you cannot.



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