Stop Looking For Your Keys!!

I have four complete sets of keys. I also have three sets of  calendars, 3 sets of address books, three stethoscopes, and more pens, staplers, pencil sharpeners, tape, scissors, nail clippers, tweezers, and erasers than you could possible imagine.

I decide several years ago that I was spending entirely too much time searching for lost items and decided to just replicate all the objects that I frequently lost.  So now when I realize that my keys are missing.  I go to my junk drawer, pull out one of my many extra set of keys and I do not give the lost keys any more thought.  This, I have to admit, is amazingly liberating.  My keys always turn up.  I find them inside the front door key hole, attached to the trunk of my car, or carefully placed in the spice cabinet.

One time I lost my address book for four months.  It did finally turn up under the Sam's Club mega pack of D batteries in the freezer.  I still use this address book.  The Z entries are completely missing but I only have one 'Z' friend whose name is Zuckerman.  I have not heard from her in about 18 years.  She never writes me and now, however much I may wish to, I can never write her.  

When my son loses something, I feel deeply for him.  Those of us with ADHD spend so much time in the hunt for lost things that it is amazing that any of us has time for anything else.  We have copied his notebooks and have purchased extra copies of his books so that he has a home copy and a school copy but still, things get forgotten.

The underwear drawer is not an ideal place for your bacon.  The smoky fragrance will solicit comments that you will be incapable of explaining.  This kind of misplacing, we will just have to live with but I suggest that if you have something you are losing frequently, replicate it.  It will save you time, energy, and frustration.


  1. I really like that suggestion! I will have to get another set of keys made. I already have several pairs of sunglasses. But unfortunately, I can't copy my cell phone!

  2. Thats a pretty good idea. To bad i can't have multiple ID cards (for military). I have probably had 4 or 5 cards replaced in the last few years because they got misplaced only for me to it later on in the day.


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