Skim This Post!!!

I love to read.  I especially love to read non-fiction, the New Yorker Magazine, and blogs.  I also read medical journals, textbooks, accreditation procedures, and assembly directions but I read these very differently.  The truth is that, I read the former and I skim the latter.   My spouse of 21 years warns the children that if I assemble their toys the toys may, in fact, look nothing like what appears on the package.

I cannot stomach to read things that I find deadly dull or that are unnecessarily lengthy.  I love bullet points, I love cliff notes, I love abstracts (the synopsis of a medical paper), and I love abridged versions of anything that I find dull.

I suspect that most of us with Primarily Inattentive ADHD are closet or flagrant skimmers.  You can call it a short attention span but for me it has more to do with an unwillingness to attend to things that are not immediately useful.

There is an ADHD strategy book that is written in exactly the way that those of us with ADHD like to read.  It is by Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA and it is called More Attention, Less Deficit: Success Strategies for Adults with ADHD.  The book has given me inspiration to do better when writing this blog.

With that in mind, from now on, I will try to:

1.  Keep my post short, simple, and to the point.
2.  I will use bullet points in my post when possible.
3.  I will only post on relevant information.

How did I do???


  1. I have been recently diagnosed Inattentive, I laugh because this post is something I would say to the tee. Brilliant description of reading material and the ADHD-PI!

  2. I am on my way to get my self diagnosed after my son 5 year old was found to have ADHD. I really like your blog even if it does not have bullet points :)
    Hákon Iceland

  3. Kept my attention and that is saying something!!


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