Inattentive ADD Behavioral Therapy that Works

Inattentive ADD may respond poorly to stimulant therapy but we know from research that behavioral therapy can make a huge difference in the life outcomes and success of children with Inattentive ADD.  Behavioral therapy should be considered as the first treatment option with children with Inattentive ADD

While many children with Inattentive ADD have been given a trial of stimulant medication, many have not had a trial of behavioral therapy. Behavioral therapies that address the issues of motivation, listening and focus are the best suited for the behavioral treatment of Inattentive ADD.

Behavioral Therapy programs are the least utilized intervention for ADD. This is unfortunate because these programs work and they work extremely well. Many of our children with Inattentive ADD are capable, smart, charming and well meaning but we often do not any of these traits in children.

You need not go to a counselor's office or a learning center to start a Behavioral Therapy program. The best Behavioral therapy is performed by the parents of the ADD child in the child's home. The two programs outlined below can be studied and learned at home, take very little time, can be mastered by any parent and can make your children happier, more productive and better behaved.

Behavioral Therapy can make the difference in the life of your ADD child. If you have not educated yourself of the best behavioral strategies to use when parenting your child with Inattentive ADD.

The Happy Child Program

This program was designed by a Chinese Medicine trained physician and it takes a unique and effective approach to showing parents how to:

- Improve Listening
- Improve Focus
- Handle ADD
- Stop Arguments
- Positively Discipline
- Improve Behavior
- Have Happier Children

This program has received a number of awards, included with the program are supplemental materials that discuss everything from diet to punishment.

Behavioral Therapy deserves to be considered as a treatment option for children with Inattentive ADD.  These two programs are a great place to start. 


  1. The Happy Child Program is Terrific!! The best part about it is that it is comprehensive. It does not only deal with behaviors it deals with life. This program is worth every penny and then some. I love Dr. Ryan's approach. They make total sense to me.

  2. so good that i can not try it. ehoa


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