Teachers, Schools and our ADD Children

Teachers and ADD Kids
I am so fortunate to have great teachers for my kids. I feel that a good teacher will recognize the symptoms of ADD in our children and will:

Provide physical exercise to our ADD kids with hyperactivity.

Keep our inattentive ADD children on task.

Understand that our impulsive ADD children are trying their best and wish they were able to control themselves better.

Discipline all of our ADD children with patience.

Encourage our children’s good behavior.

Keep a close eye on our impulsive kids so that the classroom is safe, and a close eye on the inattentive kids so that they don't get 'lost in space'

Guards our child’s self esteem with a passion.

Know that it may take a parent a while to accept that their children need more help with managing their impulses, inattentiveness, and hyperactivity than other children.

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  1. Hi, I have alot of problems with my sons teachers understanding and dealing with my ADHD-PI son. It seems they get frustrated and do not have the "time" for him. I think I have a reputation at school with the staff "they are kind of afraid of me" because I am a big advocate for him so they walk on egg shells not to piss me off. But, my intention is not to upset them but for Thomas to have the best education possible. I come up with ideas such as special paper for handwriting that I would like them to try, etc. and I think since they have to do some "extra work" they get annoyed. I want to start off next year with a good teacher/parent relationship and I dont want to think when I ask about things I am not trying to challenge their teaching skills but have my own ideas what will work for for my son if what they are using is not working. For instance it was VIP day at school and I looked inside my sons desk and it was a complete mess. About 20 old math sheets crumpled up in the back of the desk, his pencil case he has been missing, etc. I said to the teacher look at all this stuff I found in his messy desk and she said I had the kids clean out their desks and something like of course "his" parents had to find it messy and she was embarrassed (like now Im in trouble). Well I didnt say anything but in all honesty he has a 5 to 1 aide and his desk should not have looked like that but for once I shut my mouth. I would like to send the teacher for next year a note "explaining" of my sons ADHD-PI since most teachers know about ADHD but not the innattentive type and how the best way for ADHD-PI kids to learn. Do you have an outline of a letter to a teacher by any chance?


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