Inattentive ADHD Medication???

I think that anyone with Inattentive ADHD would choose to manage their disease without medication if that were possible. I think that there is not a parent worth their weight in salt that would give their kid a pill every day if it was not necessary.

I work in health care. I see patients every day with uncontrolled blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. Many of these patients have not even tried to control their diseases with life style modifications. Many of these patients are doing EVERYTHING possible to keep their disease in check and are not succeeding.

For those patients who are unwilling to try lifestyle modifications, medication is needed because these diseases kill people. For those who have tried everything and are still not controlled, medication is needed because these diseases kill people.

I think that for Inattentive ADHD we are required to take the same approach for ourselves and for our kids. We need to exhaust every lifestyle modification measure available to control the symptoms of Inattentive ADHD. If we succeed with lifestyle measures, we will need to stay vigilant and not stray from our daily regimen. If we do not succeed we should seek medication.

Inattentive ADHD causes low self esteem, squelches the attainment of our full potential as individuals, and isolates us because we can be difficult people to be around. While none of these things will kill us like say diabetes or hypertension might, they can make our lives sad and miserable.

Studies done on young males indicate that the rate of suicide is increased when there is a diagnosis of ADHD. Whether this is related to the comorbidities of depression and Bipolar Disorder is unknown but the imperative to medicate in these cases is still the same.

Daily medication is never our first choice. It is, however, our last resort because our lives and the lives or our children depend on it.

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