Holiday Madness and ADHD

The holidays can be a stressful time for kids. When I see my inattentive son 'zoning out into another hemisphere' and my hyperactive son starting to bounce of the walls, I remember that it is time to:


1. Get them to bed at a decent hour.
2. Stop them from eating everything that my relatives are giving them.
4. Make certain to give them their vitamins and medications.
5. Take them out for a long brisk walk.
6. Turn off the computer, TV, Wii, and electronic games.
6. Talk to them about the paradoxical stress of having too many fun choices.

Every year I vow to keep a watchful eye on them so that they do not decompensate both for their sake and my own. With every year that passes, I become a better policeperson but the goal is for them to patrol and control themselves. So far, they need a lot of help from me but who knows, maybe next year?

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  1. As a movement therapist with a special needs child, I find that the more I include structured exercise and movement games in my daughter's life, the better she does and the more focused she becomes.
    So I agree: definitely distance from the computer and TV as much as possible and get your child
    active to calm down for the holidays.


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